ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions

Kexlin is the best ERP software provider in Hyderabad. Our team offers the best ERP software solutions helpful in manufacturing and trading companies in the Small and Medium Enterprises for assimilation and automation of the business proceedings. We can deliver a customized ERP suite that matches the exact requirements of the client within their budget. 

Our company provides ERP software development that helps you with your business goals and resource planning with the latest technology. You can manage your company's financial, HR, sales, marketing, manufacturing, or supply chain operations in a single ERP system.

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are software helps business in:

  1. Operations Planning
  2. Software Administration
  3. Optimize Internal Business Processes
  4. Comprising Manufacturing
  5. Supply Chain Management
  6. Finance and Accounting
  7. Customer Relationship Management
  8. Core Human Resources Management
  9. Warehouse Management

Frequently asked questions on ERP Software:

What exactly is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Management is the consolidated process of gathering and organizing company data through an integrated software suite.

What are the Benefits Of ERP?

ERP can reduce the time and effort required to carry out their daily activities by your workforce, along with reduced IT and training costs.

Here we have listed the Essential business benefits of ERP software are:

1. Enhanced Business Reporting:

  • Best tools with real-time information
  • One unified database for all business processes

2. Better customer service:

  • Increase customer retention
  • Efficient resolution of queries
  • Manages order and ensures timely delivery
  • Keeps price competitive
  • Improves customer handling

3. Improved Inventory Costs:

  • Reducing Excess Inventory
  • Avoiding Dead Stock
  • System Cost Savings
  • Warehousing Efficiency
  • Customer Service Level improvement
  • Supply chain transparency
  • Enable business expansion

4. Boosted Cash Flow:

  • Get invoices out the door more swiftly
  • Optimize purchasing to keep inventory right-sized
  • Support contract and subscription billing
  • Have a better insight into a cash position

5. Cost Savings:

  • Better control over inventory control—Inventory costs you twice
  • A faster, smoother information flow
  • More coherent supply chain management
  • More accurate, timely invoicing
  • The ability to anticipate, rather than react to problems
  • Better procurement management
  • Better customer service
  • Improved vendor relationship management

6. Better Data & Cloud Security:

  • Lower costs
  • Automatic software updates
  • Denial-of-service attacks
  • Encryption and compliance
  • Dedicated security resources
  • Data distributed across multiple servers

7. Business Process Improvements:

  • Automate manual or routine tasks
  • Implement smarter workflows
  • Gain efficiency
  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management
  • Simplified Reporting

8. Supply Chain Management:

  • Effective demand forecasting and lean inventory
  • Reduce production bottlenecks
  • Transparency through the business